Quit smoking naturally with
Beyond Nicotine

The psychology of giving up smoking…

Research on how our brains work tells us that whilst it is difficult to entirely extinguish an ingrained habit like smoking, with practice any habit can be replaced by a new, stronger habit. And when quitting smoking we see that the key to success, after making the decision to quit and setting a date, is to create and implement a new set of values and priorities to override the old ones. Weathering the initial discomfort you’ll feel after quitting by joining a gym, starting a running or walking programme, and maybe eating more carefully, makes it easier to let go of old patterns. Our old response of “I smoke because it relaxes me”  could become “I don’t smoke, I have gym tonight” or “I’ve stopped smoking, my new girlfriend doesn’t like it.”

We need to develop a slightly bigger reason not to smoke than to continue puffing, and in this way we take control. Small actions like tidying our cupboards and throwing away unused junk, having our teeth whitened or deodorising the car are very powerful steps on the road to creating new habits and anchors. After all, a habit is really nothing more than an action which, if we repeat it often enough for long enough it becomes the norm. It stands to reason, therefore, that by energetically repeating new actions we quickly override the old ones.

The Beyond Nicotine Way is different

Beyond Nicotine has helped thousands of smokers to quit, completely and permanently. No other program combines the power of the mind and body so successfully in the battle to stop smoking. We are with you every step of the way…

  • Mind Setting experiences to prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

  • Hypnotherapy to whisper to your powerful subconscious mind. 

  • Psychological tools to use when the going gets tough. Tools to keep yourself on track.

The best time to quit smoking is right NOW!

The Beyond Nicotine programme costs less than three packets of cigarettes, but has the potential to save you thousands…

The 15 day Beyond Nicotine programme has been built on years of experience in helping thousands of people break the habit.

This proven, chemical free, approach gives you…

  • A 32 page course and mind setting booklet.

  • A 7 day preparation module.

  • A hypnotic induction CD.

  • An instructional wall chart.

  • Reminder stickers.

  • A personal pledge card.

PLUS… a fun, downloadable, motivational ringtone.

Follow these logical, easy steps to start the process of profound change



Read the booklet and take comfort from what science is telling us about addiction and change. Enjoy doing the fun brain-training exercises.

Take charge...

Set your start date and activate your motivational support messages and blog. Listen to your hypno-induction, breathing exercises. Download your panic button. Then follow the 7 day Preparation Module.

Swing into action...

Pin up your progress wall-chart somewhere prominent, and throw away your cigarettes or vaper. Take support from the stickers, blog and daily messages.

Unlock the potential

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll feel better and want to plan further changes. With new confidence, use your new savings to buy a bike, and maybe eat better and unlock the possibilities of a life Beyond Nicotine!

In just 15 days you could be smoke free

That’s just 15 days to start a new life with Beyond Nicotine…